Sports Nutrition

Understand how nutrition can affect the performance of athletes! Whether you are an athlete yourself, play a lot of sports or are in a supporting role for an athlete, the Introduction to sports Nutrition course can give you valuable information for creating an appropriate diet for an athlete to increase their performance. With different pressures placed on the body during sport, it is important that an athlete consume a diet that is beneficial for their athletic goals whether it be for endurance, weight gain or speed.


The course is a great foundation to pursue further studies in nutrition if you would like to establish a career in the industry.


Course Outline
Course Code: 
100 hours - Access for 12 months
Online & Correspondence
Statement of achievement
Lesson Structure: 
  1. Introduction to Human and Sports Nutrition
  2. Energy
  3. Energy in the Athlete’s Body
  4. The Training Diet
  5. The Competition Diet
  6. Fluids
  7. The Athlete’s Body Composition
  8. Weight Management
  9. Training for Size and the Use of Sports Supplements
Aims - the learning objectives of the course: 
  • Discuss human nutrition as it relates to sport.
  • Explain energy and how it is produced in the body.
  • Explain how energy is utilised in the human body.
  • Understand the characteristics of, and to be able to design an effective training diet.
  • Design a diet for an athlete.
  • Understand the principles of and be able to design an athletic diet for the days leading up to, during and after a competition.
  • Explain the importance of fluids in an athletic diet.
  • Define the body composition of an athlete, and the methods of measuring body composition.
  • Examine effective methods for weight reduction and body fat control where they are deemed necessary.
  • Examine methods of increasing muscle mass and to assess the use of sports supplements.


  • Our Abelton Live course offers you the beginner, intermediate and advanced skills to use your Abelton live software.

  • In the Abnormal Psychology course you will learn to identify the categories of psychological disorders and their causes and how they can affect a person’s behaviour.

  • The Adolescent Psychology course considers the changes that occur in adolescents at this particular stage of their development.


  • This advanced course builds on the practical accounting skills and knowledge obtained through the Certificate in Business and Accounting. It will further enhance your accounting skills, enabling you to pursue a career in accounting, finance or business.

  • An exciting industry to move into, the Adventure Tourism course covers the scope of the tourism industry and the types of opportunities available for clients in terms of creating holidays and adventure tours for them.

  • As a person gets older things change in their life; everything from lifestyle to health and their capacity to do things, through to those activities which they choose to pursue. This course helps you understand these changes, and the ways in which a counsellor, carer or anyone else might interact with and support an older person.

  • If you always dreamed about working in aviation, but weren’t sure what you would like to do, completing the Air Cargo Principles for Imports and Exports course will allow you to gain skills and knowledge to be able to assist in the maintenance of our importing and exporting systems.

    Along with gaining insight into how the aircraft is loaded and the manufacturing process for imports coming in, and exports going out.

  • This course is perfect for someone who is wanting to gain a comprehensive understanding of Airline Reservations on the Amadeus GDS system.

  • The Amadeus Expert course provides you with extensive knowledge for operating the Amadeus Global Distribution System.

  • You are able to develop a sound foundation for further studies with this introductory course into the health and development of a large range of animals.

  • The Animal Behaviour course provides an extensive understanding of animals and what causes them to act the way they do.

  • Plan and implement animal breeding programs using genetic theory, practical applications to daily husbandry practice, and management of animal breeding programs.

  • In the Animal Feed and Nutrition course you will learn the composition of a range of feeds used for animals on the farm, wildlife in zoos or your pet.

  • If you have an animal at home that requires constant grooming or you think this would be a great career opportunity then you should consider the Animal Grooming course.

  • Animal Health is a foundation course that allows you develop your skills in identifying and responding to a range of common complaints and illnesses in animals.

  • The Animal Health Care for Beginners course is aimed at providing you with sound knowledge of the requirements for animals in your care and the regulations in the animal care industry, including those of veterinary practices.

  • Are you looking to start your own Aqua-Culture business?

  • The Aquarium Management course provides the skills and knowledge needed to manage an aquarium set up whether it is at home or work.

  • The Autobiographies, Biographies and Family Histories course advises you on your writing skills to develop creative and captivating pieces for your audience.

  • The Beef cattle Management course is designed to help beef cattle producers analyse and organise the management of their cattle production. Upon completion of your course you will be able to explain the principles of beef cattle husbandry and the management skills needed to maintain a successful business.

  • Australian native plants come from tropical areas to cold temperate snow covered mountains and as such we have developed specific varieties of plants that are suited to the changing Australian climate conditions.

  • Are you interested in biochemistry?

  • In the Business Operations course you will determine the essential building blocks for a successful business.

  • If you are looking to start a business then you should consider the Business Planning course.

  • Interested in developing your business writing skills? Or are you looking to make a strategic career advancement? Whatever your goal, our Business Writing course will give you the edge.

  • Do you want to be able to travel? To work whilst you travel? Why not consider becoming a flight attendant!

  • Calf Rearing develops your management skills for working in the commercial production of calves for dairy, meat and breeding purposes.

  • Would you like to help people start or change their career?

  • The Carpentry course is a solid introduction into the techniques used in carpentry.

  • Ever wondered why your cat loves the smell of your shoes, or likes to knead you when they are happy?

  • The cell is the basic unit of life.

  • Are you looking to break into the aviation industry but don't know where to start? This course is your prefect starting point.

  • Flight attendants are know for their confidence, resourcefulness & personality.

  • If you love IT and want to establish a career in the information technology industry, you can take your first step into a challenging and rewarding career by completing the Certificate II in Information Digital Media and Technology course.

  • The Certificate II in Printing and Graphic Arts (Desktop Publishing) is an intensive program that will prepare you for working with InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator programs for work purposes.

  • Do you love the idea of being able to travel the country and experience different cultures whilst working?

  • If you have wanted to work in business but don’t know where to start, the Certificate III in Business course can be a great foundation to acquire skills and knowledge that are required to work in a business environment. 

  • The Certificate III in Business Administration course is a course that provides the skills and knowledge for students to pursue work in an office environment where they can assist with the running of the business in areas that are important for the upkeep of business information in the form of documents, data entry, customer service and reporting to the manager.

  • The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is the nationally accredited qualification required to work in Childcare in Australia.  

  • Do you love working with people and have a passion for health and fitness? You should consider a career in the fitness industry. By completing the Certificate III in Fitness (Gym Instructor) course you can become a qualified gym instructor and have a rewarding career.

  • Do you wish to pursue a career in border protection or national security?

  • Certificate III in Government - Online Course

    Certificate III in Government provides you the opportunity to pursue a career in government.

  • At the end of the Certificate III in Local Government course you have the chance to apply for a number of local government positions and start your career in the local government sector.

  • Business Taxation will introduce or refresh tax principles applicable to small to medium sized businesses. With a focus on relevant and up-to-date tax information, you’ll learn practical knowledge and skills through interactive readings, practical exercises and case studies. 

  • Colour consultancy is something that can be a challenging and rewarding career.

  • When you think about curtain design you would usually think about the materials you would use. In this course, you are introduced to the dynamics of soft furnishings and how their design can play a pivotal role in the design of a room.

  • Certificate in Customer Service Excellence - Online course

    Become a Certified Customer Service administrator with our nationally recognised qualification. Our online course will help you gain a qualification, upskill and obtain a job in front-line customer service and deliver exceptional and professional customer service.

  • The Certificate in Drawing and Painting is the ideal course for you to start off with if you are a beginner artist and looking to expand your skills.

  • Do you love working with people, being creative and have a keen eye for fashion?

  • Image Consulting is an industry that is growing.

  • Ever thought about a career in lighting design?

  • Certificate in MYOB Essentials - Online course

    Learn the fundamentals to successfully use MYOB Essentials accounting software to manage business accounts. Work through the course in your own time, following our step-by-step instructions and completing the practical exercises.

  • Presented in plain language, the Certificate in Office Administration will give you a sound knowledge of the theory and practice of office administration and procedures. Designed to familiarise you with the business environment and increase your job prospects.

  • Business Accounting is a course that has been created so that you may have a thorough understanding of accounting principles if you were looking to possibly gain an accounts position, up skill in your business credentials for further promotion or to understand and manage the accounts of your own business.

  • The Certificate in Web Design course will allow you to achieve your dream of becoming a web designer through the use of Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Fireworks programs that are covered in the course.

  • This course will allow you to learn the fundamentals you need to successfully use Xero Online Accounting software to manage business accounts.

  • This qualification is designed to reflect the job roles of contract bookkeepers and employees performing bookkeeping tasks for organisations in a range of industries.

  • If you are currently working in business and awaiting the next opportunity to gain a promotion, undertaking further studies may enhance your chances of achieving this goal. 

  • The Certificate IV in Business Administration is the nationally accredited qualification that is a lead on from the Certificate III in Business Administration.

  • Have you already completed your Certificate III and are loving working in the fitness industry so far? Then you should consider continuing your studies to become a qualified personal trainer through completing the Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer) course.

  • The Certificate IV in Frontline Management course has been designed to provide the required skills for those wishing to pursue a career as a frontline manager.

  • The Certificate IV in Government (Investigation) course will allow you to work in a range of positions in local, state and federal governments.

  • The Certificate IV in Government supports your chance of career growth in the government sector and public service environment.

  • The Certificate IV in Human Resources course is the nationally accredited qualification for those that are looking to work in a specialised human resources environment where you may undertake job roles in recruitment, career guidance and managing changes in the business.

  • The Certificate IV in Local Government (Administration) course allows you to work in administration in the local government sector.

  • Many businesses undertake a number of projects from small scale to large scale in size and often need someone to manage the running of the project effectively to guarantee all goes smoothly and the project is completed on time.

  • This qualification reflects the role of individuals who use well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of small business contexts. They apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems, and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources.

  • The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is the nationally accredited course for students who would like to provide training and assessing to people in the workplace or in a training and educational environment.

  • A qualification in work health and safety (WHS) will allow you to maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of people in their workplaces. The Certificate IV in WHS is nationally recognised to equip you with the knowledge and skills for a career in work health and safety.

  • The Child and Adolescent Mental Health course is an excellent introduction into the nature and scope of mental health issues amongst our children and adolescents.

  • If you work with children in a support, education or health industry role; the Child Psychology course will help you to understand the stages of psychological development for a child.

  • Children's Nutrition

    Children's Nutrition is increasingly popular, we've had hundreds of nutrition students successfully complete this course. Study at your own pace and receive tutor help and feedback as you progress through the course

  • Children's writing is a specialised craft. It is a rewarding, inspirational, and often demanding, branch of writing.

  • The Commercial Vegetable Production course teaches you the principles of growing commercial crops for business purposes.

  • This course is intended for students wishing to qualify with CompTIA A+ Certification for PC Support professionals. It is also suitable for students wanting to improve their skills in PC support and administration.

  • The CompTIA Security + Freestyle Online Learning and Exam Practice course will prepare you for the SYO-301 course.

  • In the Conservation and Environmental Management course the effects of pollution and land degradation are discussed, and taken into consideration for the maintenance of ecosystems and the habitat of plants, marine life and animals.

  • Would you like to cater for events, serving people your delectable recipes?

  • Counselling Skills Fundamentals (I) - Online Course

    Counselling skills is a useful course that considers the way we respond to others, looking at active listening, paraphrasing, feedback and more. A useful course for anyone who works or communicates with other people. 

  • Counselling Skills Intermediate (II) - Online Course

    This course will help you to discover how to use micro-skills - including methods of telephone counselling and techniques for dealing with specific crisis situations. This course is ideal for those who have already gained the basic counselling skills covered in Counselling Skills I, and want to further develop their ability to counsel others

  • Choose to write for profit or pleasure.

  • The Criminal Psychology gives an in-depth insight into why people commit the crimes they do and how psychological treatment can impact the level of criminal activities occurring.

  • Crisis Counselling - Online Course

    Develop your ability to effectively counsel and assist clients in times of crisis.

  • Cruise Ship

    Ever wanted to be able to sail away and experience the chance to work whilst you travel?

  • The Cut Flower Production course allows you to grow your own flowers from bulbs.

  • The Developmental Psychology course was developed to assist teachers, health care workers and support personnel who provide counselling and support for children as they grow and develop into adulthood.

  • Have you always enjoyed fashion, make up and keeping up to date with the latest styles?

  • Do you love working with your hands but aren't quite sure what you can do that allows you to be creative and business successful at the same time? Have you thought about floristry?

  • If you love music and always dreamed of becoming a DJ, then now is your chance.

  • The Dog Care course has been developed so that you can have a better understanding of our furry friends.

  • Dog Psychology and Training is a course that allows you to learn all about Man’s best friend.

  • Do you have an interest in the environment and enjoy science at the same time?

  • Ecotourism first grew out of our love of being outdoors, from mountaineering to trail rides.

  • If you would like to conduct guided tours or overnight walks and treks then consider the Ecotourism Tour Guide course to provide you the knowledge and skills to create tours that will impress your clients.

  • The Editing Foundations course allows you the chance to develop skills for an industry that is growing!

  • Learn better editing and proofing of articles, books, newsletters, advertising material, correspondence or any other writing.

  • The Efficient Writing course is available to provide a thorough understanding of communicating correctly through writing, using appropriate grammar and construction of sentences and paragraphs.

  • Elements of Energetic Healing

    The Elements in Energetic Healing course guides you on a journey to discover the secrets contained within your energy anatomy.  You will learn about the meridians, chakras, the auric field, and the sacred mysteries within the healing arts of ancient spiritual healing traditions. 

  • Working in an environmental role gives you the chance to establish a career in an industry that is growing and the chance to give something back to the community by conserving and managing the various ecosystems and life that constitute your local area.

  • Environmental Studies - Online Course

    This is an introductory course. It aims to provide you with a better understanding of the physical surroundings of the world we live in.

  • This course covers what is waste and how can be minimized, what is pollution, how waste is disposed of through natural processes and how to harness those processes to better manage waste disposal.

  • To study the Equine Behaviour course is to understand the nature of why horses may react the way they do in a particular situation. Why do they behave self-destructively or become bored, and most importantly what can we do to alleviate this problem and have a happy and well-adjusted animal.

  • ESL Fundamentals

    The ESL Writing Fundamentals course has been developed to help you build on your level of English for business and study writing. 

  • Do you love to be organised, showcase your creative flair and love interacting with people?

  • Family Counselling - Online Course

    Develop a better understanding of family Dynamics, and a capacity to analyze and facilitate solutions to problems that emerge in modern families.

  • Do you currently work on a farm or dream of managing one?

  • Interested in starting a career in fashion design? Or maybe you would like to learn the skills of dressmaking so you can create clothes for your friends, family or partner? Whatever your goal, our Fashion Design & Dressmaking course is the perfect way to get started.

  • This is a course about how to accumulate, borrow, spend, invest and save money. Some people have an intuitive ability with money, where everything they touch turns to gold, if you're not one of those than this course will improve your ability to make the right decisions in handling your finances.

  • If you like the idea of planting an orchard or starting your own business – you should consider becoming a fruit farmer!

  • Galileo Airlines Reservations is an in depth view into how to use the Galileo GDS to organise reservations in tourism and airline check in roles. If you are looking to seek employment in the aviation or tourism industries you can do so by completing this course first.

  • The Galileo Expert course provides you with extensive knowledge for operating the Galileo Global Distribution System.


  • Would you like to start a career in garden design or are you looking to renovate your own? 

  • Goat Husbandry - Online Course

    Domestic goats are one of the most useful animals to have as they are easy to look after and feed. Therefore, they are very good for farming, as pets, or as pack animals (pack goats).

  • Build your skills, awareness and understanding of graphic design, and learn how it is applied commercially across a range of disciplines, ranging from marketing to publishing and beyond.

  • A grief counsellor may assist in the mourning process by allowing a person to move through the stages of grief in a relationship that is supportive and confidential.

  • Herbal Aromatherapy - Online Course

    Start studying and develop an understanding of the safe use of Aromatherapy oils; and their production.  This course is aimed at the introductory level of education in Aromatherapy. It is suitable for those wishing to gain knowledge of using Aromatherapy in the home or for those working in a related discipline.

  • Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. In this course, you have the chance to learn about the ecological and biological characteristics of both reptiles and amphibians.

  • Hobby Photography allows you to work with both digital and film cameras. Most principles in photography are relevant to both kinds of camera so in this course you are able to decide if you would like to try both or continue with the type of camera you feel most comfortable with.

  • Develop a solid grounding in the principles of soil less cultivation of plants. This is one of our biggest selling courses, and has been studied by many happy hydroponic food growers.

  • Horse Breeding has been designed to develop your skills for successful horse breeding.

  • Learn to identify the signs of poor condition and ill health of the horse.

  • For all horse lovers; Horse care Basics (I) is the ability to learn about how to care for this beautiful creature.

  • Do you have a passion for horses?

  • As a horticultural therapist you will use horticultural activities as a tool for helping clients who may have physical or psychological impairments.

  • The ideal course for the horticultural novice!

  • The Hotel Management course is a specialised smaller course to gain students skills in how to manage a hotel from front desk operations through to housekeeping.

  • HTML is the “Back bone” of a webpage and as such, is an excellent starting point if you are looking to branch into designing your own web pages.

  • Do you have an interest in the human body and how it works?

  • To gain a solid understanding of nutrition, first you must start with the building blocks of nutrition; namely carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

  • If you are looking to start in hydroponics then the Hydroponics for Beginners (I) course is a great introduction to develop the knowledge for hydroponic systems and the nutrient use required to help plants grow when in a hydroponic environment.

  • Industrial Psychology was created to provide skills for managers and business owners to be able to understand the many personalities that work in your workplace and how this can relate to motivation, differing temperaments, work ethic and productivity.

  • The Instructional and Supervisory Skills course is a comprehensive look into how you can effectively manage your workplace through leadership and initiating personal development measures for yourself and your employees.

  • If you are looking into starting a career in design or you are at the point of renovating your home and don’t know where to start, the Interior Design and Decoration course can give you the confidence you need to achieve these goals.

  • Are you an aspiring travel agent? This course provides you with a full introduction to the entire Amadeus system, teaching you a range of core skills to start your career in the travel industry.

  • Ecology is the foundation of the life sciences.

  • Galileo GDS is a widely recognised program that is used in reservations, check in, hotel and car hire purposes in the tourism and aviation industries. This course will give you an introduction into how to use the program for work purposes.

  • The 4 main focus points of this course are disabilities involving physical, intellectual, psychiatric and aged impairments.

  • The Introduction to Marine Studies course is the perfect platform for your studies if you wish to learn more about marine ecosystems, their inhabitants and the human impact on the marine environment. This course is set up to precede the Marine Studies Intermediate course we offer.

  • The introduction to Photography Fundamentals course examines how photography has changed with the development of new technologies

  • The Introduction to Psychology course is an exciting introduction into the world of psychology where you have the chance to understand why certain characteristics have an influence on a person’s behaviour and how this can be used to motivate them in a work environment or personal context.

  • The Introduction to Sabre course is a comprehensive introduction into working with the Sabre GDS. If you would like to learn the basics of how to use the program for airline, tourism and hotel purposes you can do so by completing this course.

  • Sports Nutrition

    Understand how nutrition can affect the performance of athletes! The Introduction to sports Nutrition course can give you valuable information for creating an appropriate diet for an athlete to increase their performance

  • The Introduction to Sports Psychology course provides an interesting insight into the psychological traits found in successful athletes. 

  • The Irrigation – Crops course covers the design, installation, maintenance, operation and evaluation of simple irrigation systems.

  • JavaScript is a scripting language that can be used to read and modify HTML elements, validate data and react to events such as a mouse click or a key press on a keyboard.

  • Always wanted to work in landscaping and didn’t know where to start?

  • The Landscaping Intermediate (II) course is a progression from the Landscaping (I) course we offer; however it is able to be studied on its own also.

  • A strong understanding of legal terminology is valuable in many situations.

  • To be a life coach is to bring about change and life engagement for the client so that they can have a clearer focus on goals they would like to achieve.

  • Management - Online Course

    This course outlines management theories and procedures, problem solving and decision making tactics, staff management, and more.

  • The Managing Mental Health in Adults course will allow you to understand the signs, symptoms and possible treatments of adult mental health problems.

  • Managing poultry covers all aspects of poultry care and management, whether you are keeping them for personal or commercial purposes.

  • Do you have a keen interest in mariculture?

  • Marine Studies Intermediate (II) - Online Course

    This course follows on from Marine studies I, extending your knowledge of a wide variety of marine organisms.

  • Whether you are a business owner or manager of a business, the most successful businesses have an effective marketing strategy in place.

  • The Master Fitness Trainer will help you achieve your dream of becoming a qualified personal trainer by combing the Certificate III in Fitness (Gym Instructor) and Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer) courses. The Master Fitness Trainer enable you to complete both courses in a shorter timeframe.


  • Medical Terminology will help you learn the lingo that health professionals use to describe physical characteristics, anatomical functions and diagnose disorders.

  • Medicinal Herbs - Online Course

    Learn the basics of how to identify and correctly administer herbs for medicinal purposes. It is essential that before using an herb, you are able to POSITIVELY identify it.

  • A motivated person is generally some one that is happy, healthy and satisfied in their life.

  • Become a mushroom growing expert with the Mushroom Production course.

  • The MYOB Intermediate course assumes a certain amount of knowledge in MYOB and is the next step after the MYOB Introduction course, or if you have previously worked with MYOB but haven’t completed a course.

  • The MYOB Introduction course is about getting started and being able to use the MYOB program.

  • MYOB Payroll - Online Course

    By the end of this course, students will be able to setup employees for the payroll, conduct pay runs and fulfil payroll obligations. This course is intended for people who wish to use the MYOB payroll facility to create pays

  • MYOB Suite - Online Course

    The MYOB Suite is made up of the 3 courses; MYOB Introduction, MYOB Intermediate and MYOB Payroll.

  • The Natural Garden Design course shows you how to create low maintenance bush gardens that are modern, sustainable and allow for entertaining without the need of constant upkeep.

  • The Nature Park Management - Introduction course is a foundation course for people who would like to work in nature parks or reserves. In the course you will learn the practical management skills for working in a nature park. This can include soil management and land rehabilitation.

  • A computer network is a system of interconnected computers and devices that operate interactively. If you currently work with computers or are wanting to start a career in IT, the Networking Foundations course is perfect for you.

  • The NLP Practitioner course is about teaching you to build your self-confidence and also explore the potential to help others in goal setting, improving work performance and general wellbeing.

  • Mystery, science fiction, romance, thriller or fantasy! It’s up to you when you begin the Novel Writing course!


  • The Nursery Hands couse provides an introduction to the requirements of managing a nursery from the propagation and growth of plants through to the control of pests and disease.

  • Nutrition for Weight Loss - Online Course

    This course provides a very sound foundation for anyone to advise others (eg. as a life coach, nutritional advisor, etc) or to understand and better manage your own weight problems; or those of your family.

  • The Office Practices course shows you the equipment and procedures used in most modern offices which will allow for improved performance in any capacity, whether you are looking to be an office assistant or manager.

  • The Online Photography is offered through an interactive training program designed to teach you if you are a beginner OR if you have some photography skills already.

  • As we develop stronger, sustainable farming practices, many farmers and home owners are moving towards developing their own organic farming practices to provide organic vegetables, herbs, fruit and meat for their families or on a commercial scale.

  • The Passenger Service Agent course is a preparation course for understanding the requirements of working in the airport either for an airline or possibly a ground handling agency. Positions such as customer service roles check in, reservation and ground crew are some of the positions you may look into once completing this course.

  • Pasture Management is an important component of many farming businesses.

  • The Permaculture Systems course allows you to learn the principles for sustainability and develop your own plan for personal or commercial permaculture cropping and livestock management.

  • Personnel Management - Online Course

    This course will develop your ability to carry out the various tasks associated with managing personnel, such as recruitment, training and controlling. Emphasis is placed on knowledge and methods that will improve workplace morale and productivity.

  • This course is for photographers who want to make their photos stand out from the crowd!

  • Physics - Online Course

    From the Physics course you will have a fundamental understanding of physics, which can allow for further studies into engineering, environmental management and health sciences.

  • Whether it is for a hobby or commercial production the Pig Management course gives you a strong understanding of what you need to know to create a successful business.

  • The ability to be able to identify plants is vitally important for gardeners, landscapers and professional horticulturalists.

  • This is an introductory course into the different elements of poetry and how to write it.

  • Primatology is the study of primates, specifically analysing their behavioural, whether it is in their natural habitats, in zoos, laboratories, sanctuaries or national parks.

  • Join a growing industry where the demand for copy editors and proof readers are essential for business success including for magazines, newspapers, online media and advertising agencies.

  • Do you have a love for animals? If the answer is yes, then this course is perfect for you.


  • If you have the desire to help others through difficult times, then this is definitely the right course for you. 


  • This course will assist you in understanding key environmental principles and issues.

  • Caring for horses can prove to be quite a challenging task, but who doesn't like a challenge?

    Start learning more today and your horse will love you for it! 

  • Would you like to be that person who plans events for others? The Proficiency Award in Event Management will teach you how to do just that.


  • Health issues are becoming more prominent in today's time and it's important that support is available to people who are facing these challenges on a regular basis.This course will give you valuable insight into human health and wellbeing and will open doors for a career in this rewarding industry. 
    Possible career outcomes include but are not limited to: 

    • Receptionist
    • Medical Administration Assistant 
    • Pathology Assist
    • Medical Customer Service 





  • Do you have a genuine interest in plants, crops & soils? Then why not take this course and lay the foundation for a career in Horticulture? 


  • Do you love the idea of meeting new people? Then why not pursue a career in Hospitality? 

  • Are you looking to take a step forward in your career? If so, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you'll need to display those managerial abilities.  

  • Psychology and Counselling is a broad-based introductory course for students who would like to learn more about what causes people to feel stressed or anxious and also why, in some cases people will develop a psychological disorder.


  • Discover what the effects are of legal, illegal and prescribed drugs on the mind, body and behaviour.

  • The Publishing Foundations (I) course provides an introduction into publishing for professional purposes. Whether you are looking to start your own publishing business or embark on a publishing career, it is important to understand the foundations which will allow for further understanding of concepts for publishing different media through different means such as electronic or on paper.

  • If you love reading and writing and have a passionate imagination why not take a chance to learn something new and take up Romantic Fiction.

  • Sabre is a Global Distribution System created in America by leading airlines for organising the reservations of flights for customers.

  • Do you dream of working in tourism and possibly starting your own business? By learning about the Sabre GDS, you will be able to have a thorough understanding of the program to seek employment in tourism and aviation industries or start your own business.


  • The Sheep Management course allows you to learn the skills needed to manage a farm of sheep for wool or lamb purposes.

  • Short stories are one of the most well liked forms of fiction. The Short Story Writing course gives you the chance to develop your skills to write a story worth selling.

  • Have you ever considered running a business of your own – working the hours you want with no one else to answer to but yourself? Why not make the break now and start earning the income you desire.

  • To be able to identify the social needs of a person means you are able to assist them in the appropriate interaction with others.

  • The Soil Management (Crops) course will give you the chance to carry out simple tests and determine soil characteristics so that you can treat the soil to improve its ability to grow plants.

  • The spelling and Reading through Phonics for Tutors course will allow you to be able to tutor at home or in the classroom or support work environment, children who need extra focus on their reading, pronunciation and spelling.

  • Would you like to start a small business but not sure where to start?

  • The key to a good business is its staff, and the key to good staff are their training and support from their supervisor!

  • The Advanced technical Writing course has been designed for students who require strong writing skills for work in the form of creating documents, articles, research papers or manuals for review.

  • Technical Writing - Online Course

    Interested in developing your technical writing skills? Or are you looking to make a strategic career advancement? Whatever your goal, our Technical Writing course will give you the edge.

  • The TESOL Advanced Certificate will allow you to fulfill your dreams of working whilst travelling overseas.

  • The TESOL Diploma course will allow you to teach English overseas in non-English speaking countries.

  • The TESOL Professional Certificate gives you the chance to be able to teach English communication skills in non-English speaking countries.  If you are looking to work whilst doing some travelling, this is the perfect course for you.

  • Therapeutic diets are often recommended for clients who have a range of conditions from food allergies, to heart disease and cancer. They are also recommended for optimal health and to maintain an appropriate level of nutrients in the body.

  • The Tourism Management Introduction course is designed to develop your skills for a career in tourism management.

  • In the Travelling Photography course you learn to deal with weather conditions, the amount of equipment to take whilst travelling and the legal considerations for taking photographs in particular places.

  • Understanding Domestics Abuse and the Restorative Process is designed to provide an insight into the experience of victims of domestic abuse and how they can be helped to understand, recover, repair and build a life free from domestic abuse.

  • The Vertebrate Zoology course was created to give you a thorough understanding of the order of animals in their specific genera.

  • The Viticulture course has been developed for those working in farming, winemaking, or would like to long term!

  • The Water Gardening course allows you to design and construct water gardens and features.

  • Learn to how to be a professional wedding photographer and start your own business!

  • Have you ever been at a wedding and thought…I would love to spend my days organising wonderful events like this and making a very special couple happy as you create the best day that they could have ever hoped for?

  • The Weed Control course allows you to design management strategies and programs and apply control techniques efficiently and safely.

  • Wildlife conservation is something that has been at the forefront of environmental science and sustainability strategies recently; as there is increasing awareness of the pressure we have placed on wildlife to cope in their changing environment and reduction in food availability.

  • The Wildlife Management course has been designed for students who would like to work in conservation of wildlife and their ecosystems.

  • Writing Fiction - Online Course

    Let your imagination take hold as you develop writing skills that will leave your readers on the edge of their seats wondering what will be on the next page when they turn over.

  • Writing Story Books for Children allows for your creative side to learn what it takes to publish your stories and write children’s books.

  • Many students would love to work with a variety of animals, but don’t know where to start. If you like all creatures, of different shapes and sizes, working in a zoo is something that can be quite fun and has the potential to start a career for you working with endangered or captive species.