Want to become an expert in the Sabre Global Distribution System? This course provides you with comprehensive training in the Sabre GDS.  It’s suitable for beginners as well as those with some experience of Global Distribution Systems. Sabre was developed by American Airlines in the 1960s and now boasts a huge worldwide usage. Sabre has around 30% of the global market and has a very strong presence in the USA. Airlines that use Sabre include American Airlines, All Nippon, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines and Singapore Airlines with other companies such as American Express, Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, Reed & Mackay, Hillgate and Omega also using this GDS.


Course Outline
Course Code: 
70 hours - Access for 6 months
Statement of achievement
Lesson Structure: 

Airline Reservations

  1. System access, encoding/decoding
  2. Retrieving and Ignoring PNRs, Similar Name Lists
  3. Displaying PNR fields
  4. Basic city pair availability
  5. Return city pair availability
  6. Flight detail displays, decoding mixed class service
  7. Selling from availability
  8. Passenger names, passenger telephone numbers
  9. Ticketing arrangement, received-from
  10. Building complete PNRs, End transaction
  11. Cancelling segments, changing/deleting basic passenger data
  12. Entering remarks, form of payment and passenger address
  13. Frequent flyer, agency addresses
  14. AFAX and GFAX, OSI and SSR
  15. Changing and deleting non-essential PNR fields
  16. Advanced city pair availability
  17. Availability sales tags
  18. Open segs, waitlisted segs, book-conf segs, ARNK
  19. Cancel and rebook segments
  20. Inserting segments
  21. Reducing a party
  22. Dividing a party
  23. STARS
  24. Advanced seat reservations, booking seats by area
  25. Seat maps
  26. Assign seats by number, change seat assigns, cancel
  27. Intro to queues, q count, signing on and off q
  28. Place PNRs on Q, change segment status, work thru Qs
  29. Calculator functions, calendar functions, currency
  30. DRS
  31. Format Finder
  32. Total Access, Direct Access Function
  33. Multi Access function of Total Access 

Automatic Fares & Ticketing

  1. Fare  displays                                  
  2. Fare rules
  3. Itinerary pricing using WP
  4. Itinerary pricing - Bargain Finder
  5. Itinerary pricing - secondary action codes
  6. Itinerary pricing - stored fares
  7. Ticketing
  8. Issuing tickets from queue
  9. Invoice and itinerary functions

Car Hire

  1. Cars Plus System, Vehicle Codes, Car Associates List
  2. Shoppers car quote
  3. Shoppers car quote from segment, booking from quote
  4. Single Company Display, Booking from Single Company Display
  5. Car quotes with modifiers
  6. Car quote redisplay
  7. Car sell from segment, with modifiers, segment modify
  8. Car Location Lists, extra hour and day displays
  9. Rules displays, policy displays

Hotel Reservations

  1. Introduction to SHAARP hotel system, hotel index displays
  2. Hotel description displays
  3. Hotel rate description
  4. Booking a hotel room
  5. Hotel index displays with no dates
  6. Hotel index displays by reference point
  7. Hotel index displays with search qualifiers
  8. Hotel index redisplay and update
  9. Advanced Hotel Description
  10. Optional fields in the sell entry
  11. More optional fields in the sell entry
  12. Hotel Segment modification
Aims - the learning objectives of the course: 

Throughout the course you will best tested on your knowledge of the Sabre GDS through:

  • 16 exercises
  • 19 quizzes
  • 4 final exams