Our Proficiency Awards offer you the chance to combine some of our short courses to obtain a broader understanding of your favourite subject.

These courses offer:

  • Elective units that allow you to tailor your study program to your specific interests and goals.
  • Personal tutors that give you as much guidance and support as you need.
  • Flexible learning timetables that allow you to study at a time and pace that suits you

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Art and Design Courses

Design Courses

Aviation Courses

Aviation Courses (Uncategorised)

Business and Accounting Courses

Accounting Courses

Administration Courses

  • The Certificate III in Business Administration course is a course that provides the skills and knowledge for students to pursue work in an office environment where they can assist with the running of the business in areas that are important for the upkeep of business information in the form of documents, data entry, customer service and reporting to the manager.

  • The Certificate IV in Business Administration is the nationally accredited qualification that is a lead on from the Certificate III in Business Administration.

Business Courses

  • If you have wanted to work in business but don’t know where to start, the Certificate III in Business course can be a great foundation to acquire skills and knowledge that are required to work in a business environment. 

  • If you are currently working in business and awaiting the next opportunity to gain a promotion, undertaking further studies may enhance your chances of achieving this goal. 

  • The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is the nationally accredited course for students who would like to provide training and assessing to people in the workplace or in a training and educational environment.

  • A qualification in work health and safety (WHS) will allow you to maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of people in their workplaces. The Certificate IV in WHS is nationally recognised to equip you with the knowledge and skills for a career in work health and safety.

Human Resources Courses

  • The Certificate IV in Human Resources course is the nationally accredited qualification for those that are looking to work in a specialised human resources environment where you may undertake job roles in recruitment, career guidance and managing changes in the business.

Management Courses

Project Management Courses

  • Many businesses undertake a number of projects from small scale to large scale in size and often need someone to manage the running of the project effectively to guarantee all goes smoothly and the project is completed on time.

Education and Child Care Courses

Childrens Services Courses

Government Courses

Government Courses (Uncategorised)

Health and Fitness Courses

Personal Training Courses

  • Do you love working with people and have a passion for health and fitness? You should consider a career in the fitness industry. By completing the Certificate III in Fitness (Gym Instructor) course you can become a qualified gym instructor and have a rewarding career.

  • Have you already completed your Certificate III and are loving working in the fitness industry so far? Then you should consider continuing your studies to become a qualified personal trainer through completing the Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer) course.

  • The Master Fitness Trainer will help you achieve your dream of becoming a qualified personal trainer by combing the Certificate III in Fitness (Gym Instructor) and Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer) courses. The Master Fitness Trainer enable you to complete both courses in a shorter timeframe.