1. How long will it take to process my enrolment? Most enrolments are completed within 48 hours. This means as soon as you receive you email with your log in details you are able to log on and commence your studies. For nationally accredited courses it can be 48-72 hours.
  2. How do I enrol? You have a couple of options to enrol. Firstly you are able to speak with one of our course advisors to make sure it is the appropriate course for you and they can assist you in processing your enrolment OR you are able to enrol online directly off the website. Simply click on the “Enrol Now” button and follow the prompts.
  3. Can I enrol in more than one course? You are able to enrol in more than one course at a time. We recommend however that you don’t take on more than two at a time so you give yourself enough flexibility to complete those courses and can then further continue your studies if you would like to.
  4. When I submit an assignment, how long will it take till I get my results? Once your assignment has been submitted your tutor has up to 10 working days before it is marked and returned to you with comments and marking criteria.
  5. What do I require to enrol? To enrol into a Courses Direct course you need access to the internet, microsoft word and a pdf reader. 
  6. Can I get an extension? You are able to apply for a 3 month extension for most courses. This incurs a $50 fee. Please speak with a course advisor to confirm you are eligible for an extension before organising one.
  7. What do I get after I complete my course? For all of our courses you will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. For our 100 hours courses you receive a statement of achievement course. For the nationally accredited courses you will receive the corresponding certificate such as a Certificate III or Diploma qualification. You will be required to contact our student services department who will arrange for your certificate to be issued.
  8. Do you have government funding? We are a private education provider and do not offer government funding for most of our courses. However for some of our Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas we do have VET Fee Help available. Please speak with a course advisor for any questions regarding this.
  9. Who can I speak to if I have any questions? If you have any questions regarding course information, how to enrol or generally about Courses Direct, please contact one of our course advisors. If it is about your assignments you are able to contact your tutor or our Student Services department and they would be happy to assist you.
  10. How long do I get to complete my course? For all of our 100 hour courses you receive 12 months. Most of our Certificate III and IV courses you also receive 12 months. For any other course please speak with a course advisor and they will be able to let you know the exact length of time allocated for that course to be completed.
  11. Are you able to help me find a job once I have finished my course? Courses Direct is purely an online education provider. We don’t offer employment opportunities with the course.
  12. Do you have face to face study as well? Courses Direct does not facilitate any face to face learning.
  13. What tutor support is available? A tutor is allocated to you upon enrolment to assist you with any questions you have regarding your course information and assignments. You are able to chat to them over our assignment portal or we have in house tutors you are able to call in and speak to.
  14. Do you organise visas for me to be able to study in Australia? Courses Direct does not facilitate any visas for students wishing to come to Australia to study on a Student Visa.
  15. Can I use this course as an entry into university? It depends on the course. If it is something that is intergrated with what you would like to study at university then most times it will count to some degree. It depends on the level of the course you are looking to study and what the University requirements are for the degree you wish to undertake as each university assesses student applications differently.
  16. Am I able to attend this course in a classroom instead of online? We have no physical classrooms available. Our students study in an online classroom format.