Courses Direct offers a range of foundation courses in Agriculture and Horticulture for students wanting to learn the basics and lay the foundations for further learning. 






Courses Direct offers a range of courses in Agriculture and Horticulture to suit beginners wishing to follow a career in either farming and agriculture, or plants and horticulture. All courses are an introduction to the subject matter of each of the sciences involved in the agricultural and horticultural industries, and are suitable for students wishing to move into further study and pursue a career in either of the fields, the hobby farmer or the market gardener with a passion for self-sufficiency.











  • Start your career working on the water today!

  • Do you dream of working on the land?

  • Do you like being creative but haven't found what you would like to do for a career yet? Why not combine learning floristry with starting your own business and you will always be able to create beautiful displays for everyone to see.

  • The chance to be outside and what the results of your hard work grow.

  • Is your dream career working outside?

  • Hydroponics can be a welcome addition to commercial production of plants, vegetables and fruit for your business.

  • Discover why irrigation works to make successful crops and overall increase your production and profitability in business.

  • Why not look after your own health and that of your customers by turning to organic growing production for your plants, vegetables and fruit.

  • The essential knowledge of soil management will determine how successful you are in your plant and crops growing.

  • Work in your garden and reap the rewards!

  • Discover the art of winemaking to produce beautiful wines for family, friends and as a successful business.

  • Get rid of the pesky weeds once and for all!