The Animal Health Care for Beginners course is aimed at providing you with sound knowledge of the requirements for animals in your care and the regulations in the animal care industry, including those of veterinary practices.

If you have an interest in both domestic and farm animals then you will enjoy this course as it uncovers the common symptoms of ill health and their treatment and prevention procedures.


Course Outline
Course Code: 
100 hours - Access for 12 months
Online & Correspondence
Statement of achievement
Lesson Structure: 
  1. Introduction to Animal Health Care
  2. Common Health Problems in farm animals and pets
  3. Animal Behaviour
  4. Signs of Ill Health
  5. Veterinary Facilities
  6. Safety Procedures
  7. Administration of Animal Health
  8. Animal First Aid
  9. Preventative Health Care
  10. Routine Health Treatments
  11. Health Problems in Domestic Pets
  12. Rehabilitation Care
Aims - the learning objectives of the course: 
  • To be able to describe the scope of services offered by animal care services, including veterinary practices.
  • Describe common health problems in various animals, including injuries & diseases and causes of ill health problems in family pets
  • Explain the natural behaviour of different types of domestic animals in different situations.
  • Explain the natural behaviour of animals
  • Explain common problems in wild animals
  • Explain the behaviour of domestic animals
  • Identify common signs of ill health in different animals.
  • Describe the purposes of different facilities used in veterinary practice.
  • Determine safety procedures for a veterinary practice.
  • Describe different administration procedures in a veterinary practice.