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  • Working in Aged Care allows you to build a stable career with long term job prospects increasing due to the aging population in Australia.

  • Courses Direct offers a range of courses in Agriculture and Horticulture to suit beginners wishing to follow a career in either farming and agriculture, or plants and horticulture. All courses are an introduction to the subject matter of each of the sciences involved in the agricultural and horticultural industries, and are suitable for students wishing to move into further study and pursue a career in either of the fields, the hobby farmer or the market gardener with a passion for self-sufficiency.










  • Animals require the care and support that we do. You can learn a lot about an animal from how they communicate with you.

  • Whether you love to paint or draw, or have an interest in web design, the art and design courses provide you with a base to develop your skills and pursue a career that allows your talents to be put to good use.

  • A popular industry for long term career growth and opportunities, working in aviation could be your chance at seeking the career you desire.

  • Business and accounting courses provide you the foundation on which you can build your career.

  • Do you enjoy learning and feel it would be a fantastic career to be able to pass on your knowledge and skills to others?

  • Whether you are an environmental enthusiast or have a passion for all things science, now is the time you can make it your career.

  • Learning the skills to establish a garden or design a landscape for a backyard is achievable after completing a course that teaches you these skills.

  • Working in a government role can be challenging and provide you with a dynamic working environment. 

  • Studying a Health and nutrition course can provide you the skills to be able to make appropriate choices when it comes to your health and the health of others. 

  • If you love working with people, are looking to work in an industry that allows you to continue to grow in your career, then hospitality and tourism will provide you the opportunity!

  • IT involves computer maintenance, repair, programming, database development, building networks and doing web design for business and personal use.

  • Whether it be learning how to use your camera, or working on editing your photos, we have a range of photography courses to suit your needs.

  • Working in Psychology or counselling gives you the opportunity to firstly study the human mind and how it works and secondly, to provide support and guidance to those who need it.

  • Putting pen to paper is something that a lot of people can struggle with, so if you have that special gift that allows words to come to life then you can take the opportunity to do so, by undertaking a course that will not only better your writing skills, but give you the chance to find out if you would like to do writing professionally and then how you go about fulfilling this desire.