Would you like to start a career in garden design or are you looking to renovate your own?

The Garden Design and Landscaping course is about creating that piece of paradise where attractive gardens and flourishing landscapes are appealing to the eye. The course gives you the opportunity to see if this is an area you may like to start a business in or possibly go on to work for somebody else.

The garden is seen as an extension of the house where you can cater for a variety of functions or simply go out to relax after a hard days work.

The course is self-paced so easily flexible around your current lifestyle.


Course Outline
Course Code: 
100 hours - Access for 12 months
Online & Correspondence
Statement of achievement
Lesson Structure: 
  1. History of Garden Design and Garden Design Principles
  2. Soils and Plants
  3. Pre-Design Information and Drawing
  4. Landscaping Products, Walls, Fences and Gates
  5. Surfacing
  6. Garden Structures and Irrigation
  7. Garden Styles, Lighting and Water Features
  8. Earthworks, Marking Out and Job Costing
  9. Client-Designer Relationships and Major Design Project
  10. Starting Your Own Business
Aims - the learning objectives of the course: 
  • Be able to describe the history of garden design and the principles used in garden design.
  • Determine appropriate climate conditions, soil management for a successful garden.
  • Work out the right landscaping products for the garden design you wish to create.
  • Explain the different types of surfacing that can be used in garden designs and creating landscapes.
  • Explain the use of irrigations systems and which type would work most effectively in different gardens.
  • Develop a major design project.
  • Determine the different type of business that can be created and what is required to be able to start a business in garden design and landscaping.