The Certificate in Drawing and Painting is the ideal course for you to start off with if you are a beginner artist and looking to expand your skills.

With the combination of drawing and painting in the course, there is something to learn for everyone no matter what you prefer. From the basics steps of learning to start a drawing from lines and different curves through to mixing colours and painting with acrylics like a professional, you will come out of the course with some beautifully created works of art to use at home or start building your collection to sell.


Course Outline
Course Code: 
200 hours - Access for 12 months
Statement of achievement
Lesson Structure: 

1. Drawing

You will learn how to draw outlines and you will be refining your ability to compare angles, lines and curves.  In the final two weeks of this unit, your newly acquired skills will culminate in one final drawing.

2. Paint and Mix Colours

In this unit you will learn how to paint in acrylics.

3. Shading

You will see your drawings transform before your eyes from a simple outline into an amazing realistic three-dimensional image. Outline drawings are supplied to help you along the way.

4. Portraiture

This unit focuses on the proportions of the face, how to develop a portrait right from one single vertical or horizontal line.  You will be given instructions on how to draw hair which can be adapted into drawing animal fur as well.

5. Perspective

This is a fun and fascinating section of the course and when combined with all of your previous knowledge will help you to draw many things that you previously may not have even considered.

6. Compose Art

The epitome of the entire course, this unit brings together every aspect of the course.  This course will take you through the stages of how to bring a simple thought or idea into a completed artwork.  This enables you to create art that you might either consider exhibiting into competitions, selling or even decorating your own home with.

Aims - the learning objectives of the course: 
  • Copy patterns to begin training your eye
  • Use the pencil measuring technique
  • Draw a cartoon version of a Bassett Hound
  • Draw a man-made object using your ruler and construction drawing
  • Learn how to use the grid method
  • Learn how to mix your paint
  • Create a value scale using the smooth shading technique and a graphite pencil
  • Shade several simple man-made objects while working from illustrations using a photograph and value map with a step by step approach
  • Use a simple three step process to mix nearly any colour
  • Learn twelve different charcoal techniques
  • Draw a portrait
  • Learn to draw hair with a variety of different hairstyles presented, using charcoal and white conte on grey paper