Image Consulting is an industry that is growing.

With the ever-increasing demands on our time and the need to look after ourselves a lot of us take it for granted and tend to forget our appearance plays an important role in how people view us both personally and professionally.

This is where an image consultant can help a client turn their life around.

Being able to provide advice to clients on health, personal appearance maintenance and how to remain stress free, the image consultant can establish a successful career helping others.

The course is self-paced to suit your lifestyle.


Course Outline
Course Code: 
300 hours - Access for 6 months
Lesson Structure: 
  1. Make-Up & Grooming - Relatively few women have ever learnt how to apply make-up professionally, and even less know how to choose the products and colours that complement their natural tones and skin type. Yet, with careful application of make-up and colour you can help your client to enhance their natural features and create the right impression by focusing attention on their strongest features and creating the illusion of balance where necessary. Make-up is an instant transformer for women and with a little practice you will be soon be able to show clients how to use make-up to create stunning looks with simple techniques. 
  2. Male Makeovers - As a general rule, men’s wardrobes aren’t as colourful as women’s and they don’t have the same opportunities to improve their features with make-up – but there are still numerous ways that a man can make an impact. The key to success is to pay attention to the seemingly small details, and consider carefully every aspect of a man’s wardrobe and accessories. Hairstyle and grooming habits have a significant impact on a man’s appearance, and in this section of the course you will learn how to advise men on the best ways to create a strong impression – both in and out of the office.
  3. Individual Analysis - Before you begin selecting clothes for a client, you need to know exactly what you are working with, and the only way to find this out is by objectively assessing your client’s attributes, such as their body type, proportions, facial shape and skin tone. The right hairstyle can make someone appear taller, slimmer and even younger. Likewise, make-up can drastically affect the way we look. In this course, you will learn how to accurately identify your clients strong and weak characteristics, and then help them to select the clothes and styles that will work with their natural features instead of against them.
  4. Developing a Style - Image Consultancy is really about bringing out the inner beauty and confidence in all your clients; by simply helping them to be themselves in a way that makes the rest of the world take notice! By the time you complete this course in Image Consultancy, you will be skilled in how to help your clients find a style that is appropriate for their lifestyle on a practical level, and reflective of their unique personality and character. 
Aims - the learning objectives of the course: 
  • The Essentials of Skincare – identifying your client’s skin type and keeping it in the best condition.
  • Getting the Right Tools – selecting the right make-up and products
  • Applying Make-Up Like a Professional – tips & techniques from the experts.
  • Achieving Balance – how to make thin lips appear wider or lift tired or drooping eyes.
  • Quick Tricks – the bare essentials for when there’s no time to spare!
  • Hair Removal & Grooming – the pros and cons of different techniques
  • Dressing for Work & Leisure - building a wardrobe that works with your male client’s lifestyle.
  • Colour & Pattern – how to use them to make an impact. Without overkill.
  • Accessories & Details – how to choose the details that most men are judged by.
  • Hair care for Men – practical tips & advice for male clients on style, colour and maintenance.
  • Skincare & Grooming – taking proper care of hands, nails & facial hair.
  • Health & Well-Being – implementing lifestyle changes that really work.
  • Body Types – identifying your client’s overall body shape.
  • Features & Proportions – assessing their individual features & characteristics.
  • Facial Shapes – how the facial outline and individual features determine facial shape.
  • Hair - how hairstyles & colour can work for your client
  • Colour Analysis - developing a colour palette to work with your clients natural tones.
  • Developing a Core Wardrobe – how to create a wardrobe that works for your clients’ features & lifestyle.
  • Culling – being honest and firm about what doesn’t work.
  • Accessories - using details to create styles that are individual and up to the minute.
  • Strategic Planning – transforming a wardrobe step-by-step without breaking the bank.
  • Stress – ways to beat it and stay on top of it.
  • Diet & Lifestyle – simple tips and advice that will encourage your client to get it right from the inside out.
  • Self-Confidence – helping your clients to develop a strong sense of self.