This is an excellent foundation course which will increase your knowledge tremendously and will prepare you for further study. When combined with an understanding of plant and/or animal identification and ecology, this course develops an extremely valuable skill.





Course Outline
Course Code: 
300 hours - Access for 24 months
Online & Correspondence
Proficiency Award
Lesson Structure: 

There are 3 units included in this course, 2 compulsory and 1 elective to be chosen from the list below.  


  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Assessment 



  • Conservation and Environmental Management
  • Environmental Waste Management
  • Wildlife Conservation 





















Aims - the learning objectives of the course: 
  • To understand the binomial system of classifying living things
  • To grasp the basics of ecology (the relationships between living organisms and their environment)
  • To have a basic grounding in Earth Science and an understanding of global environmental systems
  • Be aware of the international legislation relevant to environmental assessment
  • Write a professional environmental report
  • Appreciate the range of environmental assessment techniques that have been developed to assess a range of situations around the globe



The above aims are what you will learn from completing the core units of this course. Other learning outcomes will be determined by the elective units you select.