Mystery, science fiction, romance, thriller or fantasy! It’s up to you when you begin the Novel Writing course!


From developing the plot through to building the character’s personalities you will learn what it takes to become a novel writer. Through this you have the chance to use the course for personal interest or to embark on a career as an author. If you love writing and always have ideas on what would make good stories then you should consider a career as an author.


The course is completely self-paced to suit your lifestyle.



Course Outline
Course Code: 
100 hours - Access for 12 months
Online & Correspondence
Statement of achievement
Lesson Structure: 

Fiction fundamentals
The way to characterise
Emotions, theme and viewpoint
Dialogue and style
Structure and chapters
Publishing and marketing your work


Aims - the learning objectives of the course: 

Understand the fundamentals of fiction writing
Learn how to form a plot
Discover how to generate ideas and how they can be put into different types of novels
Create and enhance your character building from dialogue through to gestures and humour
Adding emotion to your character and understanding their motivation in the story
Learn how to set the scene from different themes through to the emotional strength of the novel
Learn how to effectively edit your work
Learn how to spark interest in your reader, from emotion through to the similarities of the reader with the characters

Determine the market you are writing for