Hobby Photography allows you to work with both digital and film cameras. Most principles in photography are relevant to both kinds of camera so in this course you are able to decide if you would like to try both or continue with the type of camera you feel most comfortable with. Photography is about practice and in this course you will have plenty of practice to become proficient. If you are a novice or feel confident with using your camera, Hobby Photography can teach you techniques that will take your photos to the next level.


Course Outline
Course Code: 
100 hours - Access for 12 months
Online & Correspondence
Statement of achievement
Lesson Structure: 
  1. Origins of Photography
  2. Understanding Film & Cameras
  3. The Camera and it's Use
  4. More on using a camera
  5. Photographic Techniques
  6. Developing your photographic style
Aims - the learning objectives of the course: 
  • Describe how light forms an image in a camera.
  • Describe how an image can be captured in a camera.
  • Discuss how you can work at improving your capabilities with respect to taking photographs.
  • Take photos under a range of more complex conditions.
  • Improve your technique for taking pictures.
  • Analyse your photographic skills and develop an increased consciousness of your own photographic style