Statement of achievement

  • Children's Nutrition

    Children's Nutrition is increasingly popular, we've had hundreds of nutrition students successfully complete this course. Study at your own pace and receive tutor help and feedback as you progress through the course

  • To gain a solid understanding of nutrition, first you must start with the building blocks of nutrition; namely carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

  • Sports Nutrition

    Understand how nutrition can affect the performance of athletes! The Introduction to sports Nutrition course can give you valuable information for creating an appropriate diet for an athlete to increase their performance

  • Nutrition for Weight Loss - Online Course

    This course provides a very sound foundation for anyone to advise others (eg. as a life coach, nutritional advisor, etc) or to understand and better manage your own weight problems; or those of your family.

  • Therapeutic diets are often recommended for clients who have a range of conditions from food allergies, to heart disease and cancer. They are also recommended for optimal health and to maintain an appropriate level of nutrients in the body.