What attributes do you have that will allow you to achieve your study goals?

From time management through to sheer perseverance, you can determine what it is you have to help you succeed and build upon them!

Firstly it goes without saying; you have to have a willingness to learn. What motivates you to get there can be different from person to person and is something that can change at times too, but developing that willingness is a stepping stone to achieving a successful study pattern and eventually completing your studies.

With your study there will be challenges and they can be daily! As a successful career woman, stay at home Mum or someone who has a lot of personal commitments to keep, there will be challenges that force you to consider some days why you are taking it all on. By building up resilience, you will be able to tackle these challenges head on and overcome them. Don’t forget we are all entitled to say we are tired at times!

Most success comes from you starting at the bottom and working your way up. This can be in the form of a small course to get the thirst for studying before stepping into a longer course later on.

Because let’s face it, when it comes to study and achieving your goals, luck won’t come into it. Luck is a smokescreen for saying that success comes to some easily. It hasn’t in the past, it won’t now and I can guarantee it won’t happen in the future either.

So along with willingness and resilience to carry on and achieve what you want to, acknowledging that study will require work is a good idea. The importance of setting a good study pattern will see your manage your work effectively. This can also be termed responsibility. Being responsible for your studies means you are being responsible for achieving your goals.

So do you have any of the attributes mentioned above?

It has been researched, theorised and noted in many magazines and interviews with successful entrepreneurs that these attributes and the ones below are the most common amongst our most successful business people world over:

  1. Willingness to give it a go
  2. Resilience to overcome challenges to strive for your dreams
  3. To work hard and know that your success will be dependent on you
  4. A curiosity to learn and continue learning….the only way is up!
  5. A steady focus
  6. To continue dreaming big and never quit!

After looking at these attributes, not all of us will possess all of them, usually only a few instead, but you can learn to develop them and this can be the difference in whether you achieve your goals, and eventually, success!

Lastly the most important attribute you should never forget and always attempt to build, no matter how successful you become, or how many goals you achieve is Self-esteem. This is something that will always need continual development and will drive all of your other attributes in your study life, work life and personal life.

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